Social Networking Sites Getting Love

Today, I was quoted in a great article written by Tim Gray of TechNewsWorld.

I had a wonderful interview with Tim and we talked about a bazilion things that center around social media and where it’s going. Some of my other points I shared were that (a) companies are now trying to embark on a social media plan, but most do not have a clear strategy that ties into their overall business plan, and (b) many companies want the cool “blogs” and “podcasts” but don’t want to do the work involved to maintain them (nor do they want to pay companies like ours to do it for them, and (c) companies come to agencies like mine and others that offer social media as a service, but immediately want to know how they are going to generate revenue off of it…and really don’t like the answer in most cases…there isn’t any to be had, but social media participation is an insurance policy you can’t afford not to carry.

Great stuff, Tim! I can’t wait for the article on the YouTube lawsuit!

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