Writers versus PR Professionals – where’s the disconnect?

Today’s prize for my “puzzled look of the day award” goes to writers that flame PR professionals for sending them releases and inquiries. Now, first, let me clarify that we are talking about information that DOES relate to their publication or blog, at least insofar as THEY have offered the researchers at the various database companies that all public relations firms utilize. (Whether or not Cision or Vocus properly does their due diligence isn’t something I can tout about as I don’t work for them.)

And, let me also offer up a pre-response rebuttal to anyone that uses the “do you know how much spam I get in a day” arguement because (a) we get over 200 pieces every 4 hours – which is not uncommon for those of us that are heavily invovled in social media and interactive advertising for our clients as we are forced to subscribe and leave our email for thousands of sites and advertisers and the like to do our appropriate job of finding AS MANY outlets to reach their clients/customers as possible, and (b) it really takes like less than a second to scan and see what is spam and what isn’t so how much time are you REALLY losing. Let me also add to those that love to banter back the whole “cost” issue (usually people that really don’t know anything about bandwidth or email server space, and 9 times out of 10 are freemail users who miss the point completely – yes, you AOL, HOTMAIL, and GMAILERS, this means you…) because a media outlet should be already invested in a surplus of backup and space due to heavy inquiry from PR as well as customers. But more importantly…

Here’s the crux. There is a symbiotic relationship between writers/producers and the public relations professionals that is often misunderstood and unappreciated from both sides of the fence. For media professionals that fall outside the “news” category, a large amout of your story ideas and delivery depend on the PR companies feeding you information in form of release, inquiry, or even direct access to the top dogs that you need quoted in your story to make it more impressive. That being said, I would think that part of your very job description and daily task would be to sift through thousands of emails and (for those old schoolers) faxes. So, why then if you get something that isn’t a good fit, do you feel the need to flame the sender? Even more to my point, if you are SO limited in your time, then how did you find time to send a mean email?

The bottom line is that you need us as much as we need you. And, many of you probably don’t know this, but we are also at the mercy of the companies that provide the tools to us. While our agency specifically does the best we can to funnel through every contact and look at their beat and also READ their publication, there are ti

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