Phoenix Press Awards

So, today, I thought I’d hand out some awards. The local chapters of PRSA and AMA always give awards to those with the better firms, but I want to extend awards for MY reality when dealing with the press for my clients….

BEST TV PRODUCER: Brandy Aguilar, Channel 3, 3TV Health Producer

Why? Brandy Aguilar is a producer of the highest ethic and calibur. You would think you were dealing with the press in Manhattan when reaching her – she GETS it. She’s quick, responsive, and very, very helpful. If you send her a story idea that may not fit, she is happy to send it on to another producer, and to even give you contact information. She is always open to discuss story ideas and never gives you that TV producer “snot” that many offer up to PR professionals, as if you are BLESSED to be speaking to THEM. Thanks, Brandy, you’re the best!

Best Print Editor: Glen Creno, AZ Republic (He’s still there, right?)

Glen Creno is given an award because of his complete and utter honesty. I worked with a major developer last year and Glen was so candid about exactly why this client has a hard time getting press that is absolutely more than necessary. He gave five questions that he would like answered, and five responses he had recieved from previous agencies attempting to gain coverage for this client. He was more than happy to spend precious time with me on the phone, and make us realize that sometimes, it isn’t the agency, but truly the client that holds us back.

Best Freelance Writer: Kerry Duff

Kerry Duff isn’t afraid to ask questions. She has written about two of my clients and is always a joy to work with, not only because of her personality, but because of her lack of attitude. Rather than act as if she knows everything about the topic, but instead, she freely asks questions, with true interest. She is also very accessible, pleasant, and has quite a fun personality!

Best Ad Rep: Jeff Bowers, Foothills Magazine

When you are working in a full-service agency like, you not only deal with outlets in terms of pitching stories about your clients, but you also deal with ad sales reps to help you purchase space for your clients. Jeff Bowers has the KEY elements to being an amazing ad rep that you WANT to buy ads from. (1) He doesn’t call you about clients that clearly don’t fit the publication. (2) He doesn’t BUG you all the time if your clients do not have budgets. (3) He will help direct you to the appropriate editor for story ideas, AND even sometimes calls you to remind you of an upcoming item on the editorial calendar. (4) Jeff always includes you in invitations, even if you haven’t bought an ad in months!

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