10 Things in Social Media That are “so last year”

Given it’s a new year and we are all immersed in guessing and pontificating on the coming trends for 2011, our team figured we’d offer up some quips and advice to make sure that your social media isn’t out of date. Following are 10 things that are considered immature and out-of-fashion in social media for 2011. While we have been around and providing social media for over 10 years, it seemed that 2010 brought everyone to the game (thanks mainstream media for pretending you actually get Twitter) and there was a deluge of offensive behaviors to us old-timers in the industry. Let’s refine this interaction and mature the space a bit.

  1. Auto-responders. An auto DM in Twitter is annoying, period.
  2. Connecting with people in LinkedIN that you don’t know. LinkedIN should be used to keep track of your network. It’s only useful if it’s a clean one where a recommendation or introduction is authentic and backed up by real knowledge of the person.
  3. Companies setting up “fan pages” that are really human profiles. Learn to use the fanpage feature of FB. Using first name: company, last name: company isn’t cool. And in fact it violates the terms of Facebook use.
  4. Companies talking AT people in Twitter or Facebook. These are not free advertising tools in the way that your traditional agency is selling you. You have to actually engage with your customers about things non-related to your products. And you even have to respond to things that make you sad.
  5. Not having real pictures/avatars. People connect with people. Period.
  6. Friending people on FB to then send a MLM/direct marketing, or otherwise salesy email as your first interaction.
  7. Posting your company ads on other people’s walls that you otherwise don’t ever interact with.
  8. Not participating in social media. It’s a way of life. No, it’s not going to eradicate other forms of media, but it really does matter, and it’s not about the kids.
  9. Hiring your kid, teenager, intern, etc. to handle your whole social media strategy. The bottom line is that while yes, there are too many “social media experts” floating around now, there IS indeed a need for people that know what they are doing and more importantly who know the nuances in proper communication. We happily (because we are the only social media agency with a full compliance team in-house) see gross missteps in social media that result in fines and the like. And in most cases, it’s because they thought the messaging of their company can be left to a 14-year-old.
  10. And most importantly: having no concept or interest in true community building. It’s called SOCIAL media, not “annoying advertising” media. This is not one-way conversation. And you will lose if you continue to treat social tools as such.

Bonus #11: Not having friends in the real world. The beauty of social media is transitioning new relationships from online to offline. Get out there. Meet one new person a week!

Feel free to add your own. And I’m sure many of you will disagree with ours which is fine too.

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