Olympic Thoughts on Gymnastics, Food in China, and Advertisers

Okay, so I’ve seen the Olympics both on TV and up close and personal. Here are some thoughts I’ve collected throughout the last 10 days that I thought would make good full posts, but really think they should all come into one post.

  1. Why are people so surprised that the food sucks in China?  It’s CHINA. Now, since I have an office there, I have found actually some GOOD food. The best part is that most of those complaining are either eating in McDonalds or KFC (neither of which taste like it does in the US – but KFC is the favorite of all fast food in China, just so you know, called “Kon Dudge Eee”) or they are frantically searching for beef and broccoli – which isn’t Chinese.  Go where the locals do. Try some bugs. Or, go for the dumplings – all varieties and kinds!
  2. I think we should be able to choose the sports we get on TV. It should be like pay-per-view or like the Football package on satellite.  While I love watching Michael Phelps swim and win, over and over and over and over…I personally wanted to see ALL of gymnastics – not just highlights of our team. It’s possible, even with the complexities of broadcast ownership and rights…it will just take consumers requiring it.
  3. I feel bad for a local gymnastics training center in Phoenix.  They had a quick 30 second commercial last night that aired locally. I can just see a sales rep from Channel 5 telling the owner, who is about to spend more than his annual budget for ALL of his marketing on ONE spot (silly) that he will get TONS of students and recognition because it will show up right during gymnastics. It didn’t. It was during swimming. And, it was pretty late at night. So, shame on them both. 
  4. Commentators – ok, most commentators really, really annoy me.  Too often they are talking just to fill quiet time.  For example last night during swimming one of them was saying, “ah, see as Phelps was coming out of his turn, he looked over down the lanes to see his roommate and find out how far ahead he was.” Yah. I’m sure.  If I were swimming like a million miles an hour for the hundredth time beating records, I too would have time to check out what my pal is doing.  Whatever.  I think he’s a little busy and perhaps, acutely focused on something else…like winning.
  5. The US women’s gymnastics team got screwed in scoring. No more to say. You saw it. We all saw it. Love that they have no balance checks, fumbles and stick the landings yet the Chinese gals do the exact opposite and come out with better scores. Ah…to the rest of the world – just stop hating. Thank goodness it turned out right in the end. But we still go screwed.
  6. I think it’s funny, and smart that prices are up in China during the Olympics.  I watched Samantha Brown’s Trip to China and noticed that the poor girl paid $35 for a cab. That’s just wrong. And the producers should have told her better. While there I noticed too that prices were up all over anything close to the arenas – WAY up. So, good for the Chinese for adhering to the supply and demand theory. Sad for those that were too afraid to go 10 feet from the area – because even a mile away, prices were normal – great dinner should cost less than $3 in China. And yes, that’s for 2 people.
  7. Okay all you tree huggers who complain about pollution – what about the torch being lit 24/7?  (haha, now let’s see how many crazy bloggers out there are spending more energy powering their computers to blog against the torch than the torch is using…I love it!) 
  8. During the opening ceremonies, can I just say how proud I am that our basketball players were able to successfully walk in and reinforce all negative imagery of American’s as a brand?  Thank goodness they are famous. But really – do you have to act like a thug when representing the US? How about a smile? How about some graciousness? 
  9. Um, does anyone else find it really kinda lame and messed up that Nastia’s mom wasn’t present to see her daughter win gold because she was “too nervous” and was out site seeing?!? Um, were you getting a masagee masagee?  Happy ending maybe? Sorry, I don’t buy it. She can say it over and over, and her daughter can repeat it with that pained face that is painted with anger about 75% of the time, but come on.
  10. And of course, how about the 5 year old gymnasts from China?  “Oh, we put blue eye shadow on you. Now you 14!” LOL!
Overall, they are all great experiences. I’m mainly glad so many people that I know and have talked through over the years were able to experience China and see how great it can be. We have had great opportunity there for sure, and find the people endearing and wonderful, not to mention some of our best employees.  

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5 Responses to “Olympic Thoughts on Gymnastics, Food in China, and Advertisers”

  1. tyler hurst Says:

    I know you didn’t say that last line about blue eye shadow in a fake chinese accent. How dare you mock China!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Nice observations, I think everyone is with you regarding the gymnastics stuff. You are fortunate to get to see the other side of China, the side that doesn’t come with at $35 cab ride 🙂

  3. Lancee Pants Says:

    I just had to comment that Amanda Vega is HOT!

  4. Donna Benson Says:

    I have to second Tyler on the blue eyeshadow comment…I know you didn’t say…oh wait, I DO know you so I KNOW YOU DID SAY IT. LOL!!!

  5. Diann Peart Says:

    So what’s going on now? I like the way you see things. Thanks, Diann

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