Ad Agency Genius…the LG Campaign I bigpuffyheart

For all of you that accuse me of “hating ad agencies” and “not appreciate brand managers” here is one for you.  This campaign is one of the rare (in a sea of thousands of really crappy campaigns you see very few that are genius) examples of where ad agency dollars pay off (and where they are best spent in my opinion.)

Specifically, really good agencies come out with GENIUS ad campaigns.  They can craft messages and long streams of advertising snippets that take life in various mediums, and sometimes, the very nature of the campaign is so creative and interesting that you have to commend whoever the idea came from in a cocktail laden planning session.  You see this a lot with Crispin Porter – always fabulous.

See, the beauty of a big agency is that they get paid money to do mostly really lame and easy tasks.  But, the 10% creative genius that happens in a good agency is where the payoff can be for a client.  There’s no art in writing a media plan, or really in doing PR, or even general ad campaigns that follow the standards that have been in place forever.  Where the “magic happens” is when you get a creative team that is allowed the luxury of time (based on crazy retainers and really high billable hours the client is paying) to come up with something that would really capture attention.  See this awesome campaign for LG that was just uncovered!

LG Electronics kicked off a $100 million global marketing push with a long-awaited event that promised to be the red-carpet premiere of a TV series by director David Nutter called “Scarlet.” However, the show, which had been previewed in the press and even listed in online movie database, was a promotional hoax designed to focus attention on LG Electronics’ new line of flat-panel TVs.

I was “victim” to their campaign seeing commercial after commercial thinking – “what an odd show, but maybe I’ll Tivo the first one to check it out…”


So kudos to the brand manager, and the “number of agencies” they say they used (who sadly didn’t get any praise from all the press attention – shame on your press..and shame on you Kwan-Sup Lee if you didn’t tell the writer to include them.)

So, I’ll say it again – use ad agencies (good ones) to craft genius stuff – let them spin their wheels and come up with cool ideas that get attention from multiple streams (goodness knows you won’t pay your interactive team to spend time THINKING or CRAFTING) and then let them work with us to help implement these creative streams to even higher success (like, why isn’t LG blogging about this, or posting it on their site and pushing it out into the relevant blogs with trackbacks, etc. – see, there’s where the agencies go really wrong…)




2 Responses to “Ad Agency Genius…the LG Campaign I bigpuffyheart”

  1. Kathy Says:

    This is great!

  2. Chan Suh Says:

    Thanks for the kudos. Actually, KS Lee did tell the writers about the agencies but the general press is usually not interested in what agency did what. It might surprise you to learn that this was actually done in a group effort between (New York and London), Tequila\London, Stream and Premier PR. It’s one of those extremely rare case of everyone working together to create a complete campaign. I personally think that’s why it’s been so successful.

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