Ohhhh…Everything 2.0

Today I feel like I’m in a time machine, or having flashbacks, or some mixture of both.  When monitoring the feeds coming in from writers that are seeking sources for stories, one of the requests for someone to comment on “sales 2.0” and it led me back to my early days at AOL when we were working hard on this whole new concept of the world wide web and creating ways for people to actually use this new medium.   

Shortly after that, you saw a deluge of new sites come up across all industries all with one special moniker…”e” or “i” something or other. For what was really YEARS after the web was already in use, the rest of the world outside us nerds got on board and agencies all over the nation were quick to set up web pages and give them all clever URLs like “eINSERTINDUSTRYHERE.com” or “iINSERTINDUSTRYHERE.com” over and over.  It was maddening.  

Now with the new recognition of what many of us have been doing for years (blogs, community sites, forums, video,) we see the rest of world calling this “Web 2.0” which is great in so many ways, but also showing the non-creative side of traditional minds getting on board with something us old zealots have been preaching for years. 

So now, you see “Web 2.0” churning out numerous followers to this tagline.  “Sales 2.0” “Real Estate 2.0” and the “Economy 2.0.”  It makes me wonder though, now that the leaders in our space are forging into “Web 3.0” to give a name to the NEXT level of integration, will we now see “Dating 3.0” or “Banking 3.0?” 

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7 Responses to “Ohhhh…Everything 2.0”

  1. courtney benson Says:

    O so very true! I’m on Web 6.0, did I miss a few O’Rielly conferences? 🙂

  2. Kari Spitz Says:

    You are fabulous 2.0!!!

  3. Kari Spitz Says:

    Now, we’re just waiting for when it’s vogue to do baby clothes 2.0.

  4. Kari Spitz Says:

    Now, we’re just waiting for when it’s vogue to do baby clothes 2.0. Let us know when that happens….

  5. Dustin Larson Says:

    2.0 rules!!

  6. Amanda Vega Says:

    You guys are so funny! Thanks for commenting.

  7. Dustin Larson Says:

    You know we love you! 🙂

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