Phoenix Company Gains Funding and National PR

Today was another win for one of our favorite clients. The Organic Bistro, creator of certified organic frozen foods that are gluten and dairy free, gained funding to help them continue retail distribution. Why blog about them? For many reasons.

First, if you followed my last post where I commented on how frustrating it is to local firms that engage with a company in it’s infancy only to be replaced by a ‘bigger’ firm when success arises, you will celebrate with me the fact that this client did exactly the OPPOSITE. We have worked with Callaway Consumer Products for quite some time now under very tight budget constraints. Along the way, we have had to work some magic in terms of hours dedicated to creative, marketing, and public relations. We have learned a lot about organic foods, the FDA process, and the complex dealings with becoming “certified organic.” Over the years, we have diligently offered this client full access to our services at a rate that makes my CPA cringe…because we believed in the products, and more importantly, believed in the company. Now that they have hit stores successfully, and are in three markets ahead of schedule, and gained funding…they are STAYING WITH US…and also staying true to their word and increasing our retainer to our standard rates. Thank you!

Secondly, we love this client as a great case study on how a small business can indeed gain national coverage if they are available to the press, have interesting stories to tell, and generally work consistently on messaging. With availablilty of products in only three cities, (and sold online,) we have secured national magazine press for them in “InStyle Magazine” as well as “Women’s Health.” One story is a feature on their product, while another is an article related to the health benefits of certain ingredients in foods.

I also praise this client for accepting and investing in a great web presence up front, and also believing in the power of the web for delivering information and also helping others. It’s been nice to not have to explain the power of email marketing, newsletters, blogs, online articles, offering free advice, and the general concept of making your website USEFUL to others.

The Organic Bistro gets a HUGE congratulations from me and my staff. Praise goes to them for not only gaining funding they deserve to reach a larger audience in need of their products (those with Diabetes and gluten allergies really benefit from their products,) but also for being loyal to those around them that have helped them along the way…(not just us, but family members, friends, the press, and countless others.)

We look forward to the day that our clients products aren’t just national news items, but also nationally found products!

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